Iona Presentation College

Community Engagement Strategy


Iona Presentation College has a rich history as a teaching and learning institution committed to the mission of its founders, the Presentation Sisters, who establish the school in 1907.

In 2013, JLCA was engaged by the College Executive to assist in the development of a community communications strategy ahead of the launch of a major capital works program to upgrade the College’s facilities.

At the heart of the communications brief was the desire to reassure the community of the College’s deep commitment to develop infrastructure that would minimise impact on surrounding neighbours and retain the rich heritage of a much-loved educational precinct.


Key to the success of this program was time spent to understand the perspectives of external stakeholders and to identify the specific areas of likely concern that required focus to provide well-informed insight and reassurance.  This also required the application of a strategic approach in choosing the best communication tool for the job.

The result was a wide-ranging program that carefully matched the strategic need of each content- theme with the communications modality best able to deliver the message in the most effective way possible.  This culminated in a program making use of a wide suite of communication and marketing activity embracing digital and social platforms, video presentations, signage, written collateral, events and media relations.

Central to the program was the importance of ensuring the provision of information in a way that was consistent with the College’s mission and ethics with a special focus on giving every communication a human voice.

We were immensely proud of the opportunity to work with the team at Iona and congratulate them on the achievement of a facility that will serve the needs of its students for generations to come.