At JLCA, we take a strategic approach to achieving outcomes and offer a full range of services required to fulfill your business objectives.


Need to promote or drive sales inquiries for a product or service? We offer the full suite of strategy and creative support, from developing the marketing plan, creating directly or overseeing production of all the required components and managing the campaign from start to finish.


Our unique “honeypot” methodology is about identifying and creating content that your target audience will find appealing and are most likely to consume — and remember. That means your audience is far more likely to listen and respond. Like bees to a honeypot, our content strategy is all about cutting through the deafening buzz of a world in which just making a noise isn’t enough.


Most people of all ages now actively rely on social media as their primary source of information and connection. However, social media is a crowded and dynamic space, where the days of just posting onto your Facebook page and expecting engagement are gone. Our expertise will help you use a range of social media platforms effectively to achieve your communication objectives.


This is a broad field which encompasses a whole range of specific services like social media, content planning and creation, SEO marketing and paid advertising. It combines many of the other services we’ve listed above, using digital communication tools to reach and connect with your target audiences.


Before you can begin to engage with any audience, you need to be able to articulate who you are and the unique value you present for those you exist to serve. We have vast experience in doing this for many companies, not-for-profits and other organisations. Brand strategy is a critical part of reaching external audiences and it is more important than ever to build understanding and motivation among your staff and stakeholders.


Engaging communication is one of the most critical ingredients to a great culture, one with motivated staff who come to work every day willing to give their all to ensure success. This requires insight and understanding of the best way to get your message across within the nature of your workplace. We can create an internal communications plan based on this and help make it happen.


In the good old days it was called “written expression” and it is an art form that will never go out of fashion. We have talented writers who can help articulate your messages to your target audience, tailored for any business document or publication, large or small. We can provide writing services for any form of corporate communication, including annual reports, tender documents, award applications, websites and blog copy to support content marketing campaigns — to name a few.


In our experience, organisations need two forms of media relations advice and support. We can help with both:

  • Proactive media relations in cases where you need to win news coverage in order to achieve a communications objective. This includes helping to identify potential material which can be used to leverage coverage, writing media releases, pitching to news organisations and managing follow up and coordination with journalists.
  • Defensive media relations in cases where you find yourself facing questions from the media or potentially adverse coverage. We apply our understanding of the best way to manage relationships with journalists and news editors, and the tactical requirements of minimising the risk of damaging outcomes.

We offer a purpose-built media performance training course with modules covering all the major skills required to minimise the risk and maximise the advantage of interview opportunities across different news media platforms. This includes the use of professional film crews who regularly work for news stations and provide “real-life” scenario training, so you are prepared for the full range of interview types including live radio and television, pre-recorded television story coverage and press. We also provide assistance to help you prepare for appearances at official inquiries like parliamentary committees.


From time to time, many organisations face the prospect of a contentious or sensitive issue that carries the risk of adverse media coverage and/or damage to reputation or relationships. We can create issue management plans and provide the support you need to mitigate the risks and give you the best chance of navigating issues with minimal disruption and damage.


The greatest fear is the unknown — those events that leave you reeling, disrupt your business and plunge your organisation into chaos. At these times, we provide a steady hand and sage advice on how to manage your communications to protect your reputation and maintain trust with your most critical stakeholders.